Thursday, September 23, 2010

Geek Players, Love Slayers -- In Africa.

In a creative writing workshop in college, a professor had us read Steve Almond's "Geek Player, Love Slayer". I loved the somewhat disturbing ease with which he depicts the unnamed female character and her crush on the computer geek in her office, loved the first person narration, the generous layers of humor over all that longing. Then I read the rest of the stories in the collection, My Life in Heavy Metal, and loved them, too. I'm yet to get around the next short story collection he's got, The Evil B.B. Chow, but I suspect that one is also well worth reading.

I knew, based entirely on his writing, that Almond would be hilarious, but this video where he takes on Toto's hit with that infectious "I bless the rain down in Africa" hook I've heard drunkenly bellowed at the top of youthful lungs at many a karaoke event in my college years puts it beyond all doubt. Just like his work, this is hilarious, but with an unexpected depth.

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